Friday, 15 January 2016

January 15, 2016 ~ MTC


    Hey guys! The MTC is still bloody awesome. If I was Elder Hamon I would say "Heaps of awesome". Okay I don't have tons of time so I'm going to try and go through the answers to questions and stuff I want to say.
    First off, the DearElders are so great. Honestly they brighten up my day a ton. Don't worry about sending too many, Elder Soper's family is in Orem like 20 minutes away so they send him like 800 packages a day haha. I'm curious about the delay, I got your most recent one yesterday. When did you send it? Elder Soper and I check the mail twice a day as part of our district leader responsibilities. Maybe could you put a post on the blog asking people to send DearElders instead of emails if possible? It really is handy to be able to read them beforehand and I don't think I'll be able to respond to everyone because of how many emails I got (life of a rock star).
    The address for mailing to the MTC should be in the packet that I left behind. If you wouldn't mind sending a couple things. You were totally right about having "chill" pants for PDay. I'm sorry haha. But could you send my red joggers? If Danny hasn't claimed them already haha. Only if it isn't too expensive. Also, could you send me a picture of the South Africa temple? The one that will be closest to my mission. I want to be able to look at that temple as a goal, the way my investigators will.
     I'm getting a lot to eat. I don't think I've ever eaten so much in my life. I eat like 3 of the meal portions per meal. it's good food though, I can't believe some people complain about it. There are some things you have to avoid because they're made out of like pure sodium or pure lard but other than that it's solid. Plus we get ice cream on Wednesdays. 
     My Branch President and his wife (my mission mom and dad) are really amazing people. They care for all of us and tell us that they love us every time they see us.
 I'm not going to lie. The language is really difficult. Especially this last little while. It's been pretty humbling. Especially having Elder Soper as a companion. I'm a pretty good concept learner, but I struggle with pure memorization of vocab. Elder Soper on the other hand, can cram about a billion words that he's only heard once and remember them. Seriously. It's going well though. My teachers are so great. Brother Christansen and Brother Evans. Brother Evans has been acting the part of investigator since we got here but now he's actually doing some of the teaching. He was a pretty intimidating guy to teach.
     I can tell that he was a powerful missionary. Same goes for Brother Christansen (sorry not sure if that's spelled right). They're both so cool. The toughest thing for me is that all of the words sound so similar. Like all of the words pretty much go consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel, etc. and all of the present tense verbs start with the same letter. Basically it makes for a lot of vocab that's hard to distinguish between. I'm so grateful for the challenge and opportunity though. It's good to push myself again.

     I've gotten to know my district really well too now, and we're all pretty good friends. Other than Soper and I, everyone in the district is speaking Haitian Creole and serving in Florida or New York.

    I loved getting all of the messages from all of you. Keep sending me stuff like that. I don't have time to respond individually right now, but I will eventually. I love all of you.

    To end this off I wanted to share something that Brother Evans told us. God gave up 1/3 of his children to uphold agency in his plan. It would be such an insult to him to try and charm people into joining the church. We should also keep this in mind when we get frustrated with other people's decisions. That's the way God wanted it to be, and in the end, it will come down to each of us and God, and only our own choices will matter.
I love all of you so much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Elder Schnoor

Elder Schnoor and Elder Soper
Not an easy language!
Elder Soper and Elder Schnoor

You can write Elder Schnoor during the week and they will print it off for him to read that day at:
Unit 10
Departure date for Madagascar February 15th

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