Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Elder Schnoor, Elder Emor and Elder Soper

Okay actually I want to give you a little more of a backstory on that picture of Elder Soper, Emor and I. Elder Emor is from an island called Chuuk. He's about 5'4" but he's got a lot of bark and a lot of bite. He barely speaks any English but is learning Marshallese. He left a few days ago. We got to know him pretty well actually. One day he came into our res asking for a sewing kit in broken English. Because I have a rather wonderful sewing kit (thanks to Mom and Grandma) I told him hey don't worry about it man, just drop off your stuff that needs sewing and I'll do it for you (I've done it for a few elders, it's a good way to get to know them). This Micronesian gangster (he actually is a gangster, he has the tattoos for his gang all over his arms and he jokingly let Elder Moala join the gang before he left) was so appreciative, but all he knew how to say was "thank you brother" and he gave me a hug. He bore his testimony before he left and, though it was in simple English, you could tell he meant it. He got really frustrated sometimes and was a frustrating companion for those that he was assigned to, but this guy truly believes in the gospel. I was glad to get to know him and I can't wait to get to know more people like him in Mad.

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