Monday, 2 May 2016

April 28, 2016 ~ Last week in Fianarantsoa with Elder Obioma

Hey! has been acting really strange. Couldn't email yesterday so we decided to shoot off an email to our families to let you know that we're doing well. 

Don't have much time to go into detail, but know that we're still working hard. We have 5 baptisms scheduled for this Saturday (none last Saturday). 

It's our last week serving in Fianarantsoa together. We're heading to Tana on Monday and we'll head to Antsirabe after and then back to Tana. It'll be crazy but lots of fun. 

Elder Obioma and I are both pretty sad that it's the end. I could serve my entire mission with him here in Fianarantsoa and be perfectly content. I'm glad I at least get to stay here in Fian. Haha my poor next companion. I can't help but think that it can only get worse from here. 

I'm sure my next companion will be great. I probably won't be able to email next week with all the travel, so don't worry about me. Love you all!
Elder Schnoor

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  1. We read your latest posts, Tyler, and loved reading about the people and your recent trials and successes in Madagascar. The spider is epic! We know the work is hard, but it sounds like you are doing well and your example is needed. The people there sound like they are fun and welcoming too. Take care. You and your mission are in our prayers.