Monday, 13 June 2016

May 9, 2016 ~ New companion Elder Nelson

Hey guys!
I loved talking to three of you today. I loved to see that you are still happy and healthy. Makes me want to work hard and make you proud! Here are some pictures. 
Elder Schnoor
It was such a treat to talk to Tyler on Mothers Day, even if it was about 2 in the morning for us. We love that his new companion Elder Nelson took a picture of us visiting on their end in Madagascar.
I also love that Alain hangs out with them all the time.
In that baptism picture is me, Richard Gabriel, Elder Razafimandimby, Marchelline, Honorine, Eliane, Pierrot, Aina and Elder Obioma. (picture taken just before Elder Obioma left for home)
Elder Nelson and me. Hiking on p-day.
The hike with Angelo and Elder Nelson.
The view.
Sweet kids.
The streets.

Elder Schnoor really loves this backpack. Enough that it got a sunlight solo pic, haha.

Making bricks.
A little different version of Christianity.
A little precarious.
Elder Nelson with a family.
Pierrots bunnies.

Beautiful people. Inside and out.
Love that Elder Nelson gets all the day to day pictures.
So thankful for companions.

Elder Schnoor loves every living thing.

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